A Home Between Two Worlds [Casa Lü, Mexico City 6th September 2023]

Not only, but also [Betts Project 10 – 19 September 2020]

[Betts Project Press Release:]

Betts Project is pleased to announce Not only, but also, a group exhibition featuring works sampled from twelve architects from five architecture schools around the UK.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, architecture departments in UK schools were forced to cancel or postpone their end of year shows. These shows sought to share and conclude up to seven years worth of study and development, standing as a crucial step for students to initiate their future practice and expand to the wider world.

With an intention to support the proceeding generation of architects, and utilising both up and downstairs gallery spaces, the exhibition features new work by twelve graduating students from the academic year 2019-2020. The selected projects engage with a range of media including sculpture, painting, ceramics, sound, film, tapestry, drawing and publication while demonstrating a unique ability to recognise, provoke and challenge contemporary architectural discourse.

ADS6 Garden of Making [Seminario 12, Mexico City, 6th February 2020]

Work in Progress Show [ADS6, Royal College of Art, January 2020]

Greater London Transformation [ADS11, The Silver Building, London, March 2019]

Work in Progress Show [ADS11, Royal College of Art, January 2019]