A Poetry of Fragments  [RCA_MA ARCHITECTURE_2020_ADS6]

A Poetry of Fragments reconsiders the archive as an interactive and spatial practice. The varied and poetic work of the late filmmaker Derek Jarman, currently found in various special collection libraries is used for this study.  His legacy is reorganised into three spatial iterations: The Book Of Poetic Acts, A Gaze Through The Window, and the Dungeness School Of Fragments.

Iteration 1 :  The Book Of Poetic Acts, is a manual that uses poetry and translation to re-interpret archival material spatially. This might materialise equally as instruction, object or performance. 

Iteration 2 : A Gaze Through The Window: Is an interactive model, that allows the participant to understand and reimagine Jarman’s stage designs, both digitally and physically.

Iteration 3 : The Dungeness School Of Fragments, performed as a community-wide residency, investigates the legacy of Jarman's Prospect Cottage, though an educational programme. It speculates the archive at the scale of the landscape and community through collaborative creativity.
Through each of these iterations, the project celebrates the fragmented nature of the archive and uses poetry to translate this spatially into an alternative architectural methodology.

A Poetry of Fragments bids us to trust in the adventure of not knowing, to engage in the freedom of the imagination.